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Methodist Church in Nadiad

Nadiad is an administrative centre in Kheda district of Gujarat state in India. There are a number of age old monuments, temples and churches worth a visit in this city. You must be aware of the fact that Rao Gayakwad built the first Hindu temple famous as Narayan Dev Mandir located here. Other temples visited by tourists include Mahakali Mataji Mandir (255 years old temple), Santram Mandir, Mai Mandir (famous for its carvings), Shree Mota Narayandev Mandir, Bhairav Mandir and 700 year old Sri Raxeshwar Mahadev (Shiva) Mandir.

Do you know that Methodist Church in Nadiad is 110 years old church! Methodist Mission Hospital and Methodist Mission Nursing School have also  developed in Nadiad. Spiritual messages and prayers bring peace to devotees and teach them to live for service of mankind.

Methodist Church
NH 8, Nadiad, Gujarat 387002


Church in Nadiad

History of Methodist Chruch, Nadiad

Ren William Tailor commenced Evangelical work in Baroda in 1872 which was a city of Gujarat. Gujarat missionary District was started in the year 1895 and Dr. E.F Fridge was appointed as a District superintendent. Rev.E.W Park was chosen to work in Kheda District of Gujarat. He was touched by poverty here and started a school and 'Help centres' here to educate them. Building of Methodist Church Nadiad began in 1895. It took two years to build the church. E.G. Park has been appointed as first pastor of the church.Today, Rev. Bipin Macwan is the Main Pastor of Methodist Church in Nadiad.

The church was renovated during 2009-2010. Though the old structure has been retained, the walls have been polished and strengthened. While the roof has been replaced the floor has received new looks with new tiles covering it.

Rev. Bipin Macwan
D.S Nadiad District
Main Pastor of Methodist Church Nadiad
Mobile: +919898037730

Church in nadiad

Prayer Meetings at Methodist Church in Nadiad

  • Sunday Service: Every Sunday at 8:30 am to 10:00 am.
  • Sunday School: 10:00 am
  • Junior Church-Sunday:  08:30 pm
  • Sinor Citizen's Meet-Wednesday: 09:00 am
  • CRY Meeting-Wednesday:  07:00 pm
  • Prayer Meeting-Friday: 08:00PM and Bible Study-Friday: 08:30 pm
  • Mahila Mandal-Saturday: 04:00 pm
  • Whole Night Prayers-Last Friday of Every Month: 10:00 pm

Services in Methodist Church

Sunday School

Sunday school which was started in the 19th century is held every Sunday for 45 minutes after the service. The number of children increases during summer vacation. Currently, there are 22 teachers teaching the children which are divided into 6 divisions:

  1. child group
  2. primary section
  3. Junior verbal
  4. Junior written
  5. medium section
  6. senior section


Like all the churches, Choir has an important place in the church service. Every Saturday, the members of the Choir meet for practice in the evening and the following morning, they perform.

Mahila Mandal

Mahila Mandal of Methodist Church meets every Sunday at 4pm and is very active and conducts house visits and seminars.

Apart from these, the Junior Church is also very important. A unique concept of the Methodist Church, the Junior Church was initially started with 40-50 children. It now has a healthy number of children enrolled in the church participating actively in various activities.

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    Girish Patel from Mount Laurel, NJ USA 226 Days ago

    Rev. Bipin Macwan,Sir, my name is Girish Purushottamdas Patel. My father's name was Purushotamdas U Patel (Advocate).We used to live at Batuk Nivas, Umed Bhuvan, Mission Road, Nadiad. I am not sure if you know our family? I was student in Nadiad Mission School when our head master was Mr. Gilbert. Am I going too far? I want to send this email to you because I do not have any contact with any of my christian friends who were my classmate when I was 1955 to 1961. Also how are things going down in your neighborhood? My brother Pulin's good friend name Arthur was living right across from the Curch. Dr. JK was the superintendent of mission methodist hospital. Headmaster Gilbert's family still there? May be I am asking too much. Please pardon me for that. I was trying to remind myself and my childhood school with all of my friends with whom I grow up. I see that you have done lot of renovations to Church. Any other renovathions you plan doing next? How is mission Hospital? Is it still in operational condition? And also the school?Sir I wish all very well. Stay safe. Be aware of wearing Face Mask and Social distance between each person. Good luck for everything you do. God Bless all of Christian Family of Nadiad. I love you all.Sincerely,Girish P Patel

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  • D
    Dr Samuel Macwan from Gandhinagar 1086 Days ago

    Dear Brothers and Sister ,Why our voice is not being heard ?Why we are silent over Antidemocratic scenario ? Why our Gospel of revelation is not in full force ? Remember the time when Pope Paul II came in India in 1998 .Remember His words of conversion of India and South Asia .So Jesus is never delayed or postponed .He was alive .He is alive .More prayers for Holy Spirit are needed now .Do continue to spread Gospel all over India .Jesus is coming back .

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