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Santram Mandir in Nadiad

Your visit to Nadiad in Gujarat is incomplete if you do not visit the beautiful Santram Mandir or temple in Nadiad. It is located just about two kilometres from the main city near Uttarsanda village. The lake flowing nearby adds to the scenic beauty of the entire place.

Santram Temple


Shree Santram Samadhi Sthan
Shree Santram Mandir,
Nadiad, Gujarat- 387001

Other temples in Nadiad include Hanumanji mandir, Khodiyaar Mata mandir, Shri Saibaba temple, Kheteshwar mandir, Swaminarayan temple, Ganapati mandir, Jalaram temple, Kalka Mata temple and Boot Bhawani temple.

Who is Santram Maharaj

Santram Maharaj is regarded as a holy figure in the state of Gujarat. Devotees offer fast and prayers on Thursdays, Purnima day and on Ekadashi to display their reverence for Santram Maharaj.
Santram Maharaj was a saint of the Avadoot category. He was originally known as Girnari Baba as he had come to Nadiad from Girnar in 1872! He was also popular with names like Sukha-Sagarji and Videhi Baba. He even lived in a hollow of a Rayan tree in the village near Nadiad. Today, the Deri is located here. After leading many years of spiritual life, he took a 'Jivat-Samadhi' in the month of Magha on full moon day in the year 1887.

Other Santram Mandirs in India

Well, santram mandir carries out social and cultural activities on a large scale as devotees visit each of these temples in large numbers throughout the year. There are Santram temples in Koyli, Vadodra, Kalser, Radhu, Karamsad, Padra, Umreth, Pachegaam, Chaklasi, Varad and Sojitra. The 'padukaas' of Santram Maharaj are found in places such as Narsanda, Piplag, Raniya, Sarsavni, Salun, Alindra etc.

The Santram temple in Nadiad is concerned with not only religious festivals and prayers but also contributes a lot in social and welfare activities for the under privileged. These include Eye hospital, Physiotherapy Centre, Radiology Centre, Pathology and Lab and Dispensary.

Branches of the temple in Nadiad are in Umreth, Radhu, Baroda, Padra, Koyali and Karamsad. Work is carried in accordance with regulations specified by the main temple in Nadiad.

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Santram Maharaj - The Miracle Merchant!

There are any number of stories that the devotees of Santram Maharaj can recall from their lives. However, the well known ones are mentioned here. When a labourer refused to share his bucket and rope with Maharaj who needed them to have a bath, he was astonished to see that the Maharaj was actually having bath on the surface of the well! The water in the well had come to the surface due to spiritual powers of the 'yogi'!

In another incident, A devotee wanted to offer supper to Maharaj but Maharaj denied saying that he would have only milk. The devotee was tensed as his buffalo had stopped giving milk. Maharaj even gave his devotee a tumbler (gourd) to bring it filled with milk in the evening. However, the devotee was taken aback when he saw his buffalo giving more milk than he could ever imagine. The Maharaj had this milk in the evening!

Noted Devotees of Santram Maharaj

Most of the devotees of Santram were labourers, workers and workmen who resided in neighbouring villages. Laxmandasji was the main disciple of Santram Maharaj. He laid down rules and regulations for 'Mahants' of Santram temple which include never asking for anything from anybody, depending only on the will of the Divine and not stepping out of the vicinity of the temple.

Other noted devotees of his time imcluded Haridas, Adesang, Narayandas of Vankaner, Mugat Ramji, Jetho, Hariram etc. All these devotees have compiled Padas and Bhajans which are sung to this day.
The present Mahant of Santram temple is Shri Ramdasji who is the 9th Mahant of this temple.
The bhajans and padas have been published in 'Pada Sangraha'. There is also a manuscript book on Yoga which is kept in the Kalasha or circular vessel of Nadiad temple.

Jivath-Samadhi of Maharaj Santram

When Maharaj Santram took Jivat Samadhi on full moon day of Magh Samvat in 1887, the lustre that beamed from his forehead lit the lamp which has been burning for the past 147 years!

When Maharaj Shree decided to move on from Nadiad, one of his ardent devotees - Poojabhai Patel requested him to stay there forever. He promised Maharaj Shree devoted service and offered his farm for building an ashram for imparting his spiritual knowledge. On being asked any wish, Poojabhai Patel still reiterated his prayer that Maharaj Shree stay back in Nadiad. Pleased by his unselfishness, Maharaj Shree promised to establish an ashram there and even staying there!


Choosing a Successor

When the ashram was being constructed, one day a man wearing torn clothes came running and exhausted and fell at the feet of Santram Maharaj. He was Lakshmandas ji who got a new lease of life when Maharaj touched him. Later Lakshmandas ji assisted in the management and construction of the ashram. He led the ashram to become a centre for helping the poor which was the real prayer advocated in the ashram.

After Santram Maharaj opted for Jivat Samadhi, Shri Lakshmandasji took the jyot and placed it in the temple. This jyot is now known as Akhand Jyot or everlasting light. The light is still enriching the lives of thousands of devotees who visit this spiritual place.

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